Natalie Might Think Twice To Ride A Horse Again

This is an example that Hollywood is a fake !

Natalie Portman gives you explanation that Hollywood is placed on another
dimension of this world. The Israeli-American beauty almost killed by a horse during a
vacation in Kenya because she believed that she is an equestial expert after
riding well-trained animals on the set of new movie 'The Other Boleyn Girl.'

She shares her NDE (Near Death Experience), "I sort of realised that the horses
were really well trained because I was really galloping and got really good.
Then we finished the movie and I went on vacation to Kenya with my family and we
got on horses and they asked me, 'Can you ride?' I was like, 'Oh, yeah.' They
asked, 'What can you do?' 'Oh, I gallop, I can do anything, really.' I got on
and immediately was tossed off the horse. Usually, they make you feel better.
'That happens,' or 'That horse is kind of wild,' but they were like, 'That has
never happened before.'"

Welcome back to the real world, girl. Not all the horses are the same.
Source: Breaking News